VaVie Alkaline Water Ionizer WE-UF-01 Red

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VaVie Alkaline Water Ionizer WE-UF-02

  • S$2,300.00

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  • This Ionizer is manufactured by applying international advanced technology, with features of beautiful shape, attractive appearance and ease to use. It is suitable to use at home, hotel, office and school which meets the different needs of people.
  • This model provides alkaline and acidic water with multi-level pH options for different purposes.
  • The feed water of this model is from the input tap source (municipal/domestic water). The water purifier is optimized to produce alkaline / acidic water from feed water within the TDS range of 50 – 300 ppm.
  • The output is either purified water by ultra-filtration or alkaline water or acidic water (depending upon the selector knob position). Please note that acidic water is not suitable for drinking.
  • Has a 3-stage built-in filtration system (PP + Active carbon and Ultra-Filtration) for water purification.
  • The Ionizer has large electroplates which increases usage life of the ionizer. The purifier also has self-cleaning function.
  • This Ionizer has adapted modular structure with stable quality, easy maintenance, energy saving, safe and convenient to use.
  • Additional features include high effluent flow rate, no leakage and longer lifespan.
  • There is a separate discharge outlet which should be connected by a pipe to remove the discharge water (produced while dispensing alkaline / acidic water).

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