VaVie WE-I-01

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VaVie WE-I-01

  • S$2,800.00

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• This dispenser is manufactured by applying international advanced technology, with features of beautiful shape, attractive appearance and ease to use. It is suitable to use at home, hotel, office and school which meets the different needs of people.
• This dispenser is suitable for those who prefer higher levels of water filtration, use hot and cold water and also for those who prefer basic alkaline water for drinking.
• The feed water of this model is from the input tap source (municipal/domestic water).
• The output is either warm water or cold water or alkaline water (on pressing the push button).
• This model has an integrated kettle to make instant hot water. Once water is filled from the dispenser, the kettle can be used to make hot water and keep it warm for further use.
• Contains built-in PP (Polypropylene Filter) + ACF (Activated Carbon Filter) + UF (Ultra-Filtration) + RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter + Post Filter (T33) filtration system followed by UV Sterilization thereby bidding farewell to an external filter system.
• The dispenser includes built in TDS Controller to adjust the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), to ensure that essential minerals in alkaline water are always present.
• The Ionizer has large electroplates which increases usage life of the ionizer. The dispenser also has self-cleaning function.
• This dispenser has adapted modular structure with stable quality, easy maintenance, energy saving, safe and convenient to use.
• This model has an automatic cooling device to adjust the water temperature automatically which provides high performance with a double protection mechanism.
• Additional features include high effluent flow rate, no leakage and longer lifespan.
• There is a separate discharge outlet which should be connected by a pipe to remove the discharge water (produced while dispensing alkaline water).

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